Earn Learn & Share -III (ELS-III) -

After grand success of ELS-I and ELS-II, we are launching ELS-III.

  • We value you, your contribution & your time
  • We understand that each person is different and can contribute to our website as per their interest.
  • The rewards also need to be as per their choice instead of just cups or books ·
  • Each contributor should be entitled for reward and not just top 2-3 users

Basis of ELS scheme:-   Reward point for each activity is predefined and system calculated. You can check your point status any time with details of the activity you performed.

1.  200 points when registered user submits a Article (Blog) / White Paper and published by Admin. as Normal Article (Min. 1000 words)
2.  500 points when registered user submits a Article (Blog) / White Paper and published by Admin. as Featured Article (Min. 2500 words)
3.  100 points to author on every 1000 unique views of his / her Article (Blog) / White Paper (including articles submitted in past)
4.  50 points when CA Firm posts a reply to client's query and Admin. approves the point
5.  300 points when CA firm verifies their mobile number with OTP (non-encashable)
6.  2000 points as Manual Penalty for duplicate content, Copied content, SPAMing or manipulating ELS point rules

Topics of Article should be about below tags

Income Tax   GST
Salary Income   GST Registration
Housing property   GST Returns
Business Income   GST Rates
Presumptive Income   Accounting
Capital Gain   Definitions
Other Income   Accounting Standards
TDS   Companies Act
Return   LLP
Case Laws   Basic concept
Partnership Firm   CA Notes
Internal Audit   IPCC Notes
Management    CA Final Notes
TopCA's Success story   Rankholder's interview 

Reward for ELS scheme Each point is equal to Re. 1 i.e. Registered User is entitled for cash reward from TopCAfirms equal to points earned by him/her. These ELS points can be spent anytime or encashed ONLY when balance of points cross 2500 ELS points.

Please Note : Publicity, SPAMMING & Copying Content is Strictly No-No. As Each activity is closely monitored by our team and 2000 points will be deducted in case we get any complaint about such activity. Please feel free to leave your comments in below box if you have some suggestion / query regarding this scheme.