Please read and understand all the terms and condition in detail before initiating any online payment to Top Web Media.

In general, we will not entertain any refund of fees unless we were unable to provide the service. We do not guarantee ultimate result rather restricts to the services provided by us. E.g.

For Employer - we will post the job for pre-agreed period of time but we do not guarantee certain number of job applications and / or hiring closure by you.

For Service buyer, we will share the contact details of CA firm but do not guarantee the service rendered by CA firm and

For CA firm, we will share the lead WHENEVER RECEIVED  however we do not guarantee actual work taken by client and / or non-payment of CA service fees.

For Jobseeker, we will share your contact details with employer however we do not guarantee job placement.

However, in case of any erroneous payment made to us, please write a mail to us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with in 24 hours along with payment details and we will initiate refund if any service has not been entertained by payee based on the payment made.