TCF Ticked Firms
₹ 10000

  1. TCF Ticked CA Firms are the CA firms whose basic professional information have been verified by TopCAfirms. This will cost Rs. 10,000/- for 12 months.
  2. Business guarantee @ 25% ROI is assured.
  3. We validate below records before marking CA firm as TCF Ticked CA Firm - 
    1. Registration as per Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
    2. Registration as per GST
    3. ICAI member number
    4. Web-reputation Check
  4. We allow only CA firms as per ICAI to register as service provider which differentiates us from other online portals where even semi-qualified / non-qualified resources can handle the clients.
  5. TCF Ticked CA Firms are prioritized in CA Firm listing
  6. You can also buy "Featured CA Firm pack" @ Rs. 20000 p.a. to display prominently your CA Firm profile link on each webpage in a separate banner (In line with Advertisement guidelines of ICAI)
  7. A CA firm can be searched based on below parameters therefore a complete CA firm profile increases the chances by 4 times –
    1. Area and City
    2. Services provided
    3. Years of Experience
    4. No. of Human resource
    5. TCF Ticked
    6. Affiliation
    7. Empanelment
    8. Mobile number verified