Shortlist 50 Candidates
₹ 500

1.   Shortlist a candidate @ Rs. 10/- to access contact details and Resume file. You can buy Shortlist package of 50 candidates @ Rs. 500/- and 500 candidates @ Rs. 4000/- and save Rs. 1000/-.

2.     Search the candidates based on various parameters like

a)     Trainee / CA / Semi-CA / Accountant

b)    Skills

c)     Years of experience

d)    Training status

e)     Area and City

f)     Rank holder / First Attempt CA

g)    CA Exams status

h)     Resume file uploaded

i)      Profile freshness


3.     Shortlist the best suited candidate to access contact details, Resume file and other details of the selected candidates.

4.     You can access all the details of candidate online for unlimited period of time. 

5.     You will get an email and SMS with contact details of each shortlisted candidate. 

6.   Each shortlisted candidate is also informed with your contact details by SMS and email.

7.  Shortlist package is suitable when you want to take active charge of hiring and believe in choosing the candidates yourself. Alternatively, you can buy "Featured Job" and "Featured Training" package to get effective response from candidate and complimentary access to shortlist 10 candidates