50 Bids on CA Service Leads / Arrangements
₹ 4000

Bid on a CA service lead will cost only Rs. 100/- to a CA Firm. The CA firm can buy 10 Bids @ Rs. 1000/- or 50 Bids @ Rs. 4000/- and save Rs. 1000/-.

All registered CA Firms of the city are informed about the lead thru SMS (where CA Firm has verified its mobile number) and E-mail.

You can opt to bid on lead based on all available relevant information (except contact details of client).

You will be charged only if you bid to any lead.

The unused balance of leads are available for unlimited period of time.

On Bid, contact details of CA Firm and Client are shared thru SMS to each other for faster and effective communication.

Client will choose the best suited CA Firm.

Fees will be decided by CA Firm and Client mutually and paid directly by Client to CA Firm

In certain cases, TopCAfirms can also post lead where we have already accepted online payment from Client for the CA service in that case Fees will be decided by CA Firm and TopCAfirms mutually and paid directly by TopCAfirms to the CA Firm (subject to successful services to the client)

Clients can directly fill the contact us form of CA Firm and the client message along with contact details of client is shared with CA firm thru SMS and Email (without any cost)