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Current Status :
It is very critical for any service buyer to select right CA Firm for their assignment. Currently, selection of CA firm is based on two broad perceptions.

I. Perception of CEO & CFO : Who look more from the perspective of investors / shareholders etc
II. Perception of Accounts & Finance Deptt. : Who believes on his own prior experience with any CA Firm or General inquiry from their colleagues or take reference from competitors.

Therefore many times, decision to select CA Firm is not a well informed decision since Finance executive has limited source of information pertaining to CA firms available in market having requisite capability & experience in specific industry & services as a result of which any more deserving CA Firm may remain unselected.

How TopCAfirms can help

The way job market has evolved from personal reference to news paper and new paper to Websites. TopCAfirms is an effort to provide a platform where Service Buyer & CA firms can meet, interact and buy-sell professional services.

(A) Post "Assignment"
Service buyer can post Assignment and all registered CA firms will be intimated about the assignment and interested CA firm will "Expression of Interest" i.e. bid to your assignment. Facility of "Private Message" is also there to provide communication link b/w Service Buyer & CA Firm.
Each Assignment Contains below details :

(a)   Basic Information of Assignment :
• Title & Description
• Service & Sub-Service
• Industry
• State & City
• Timelines
• Start Date
• Validity

(b)   Preference of CA Firms can be specified in Assignment with regard to :
• Worldwide Affiliation
• Base location (State/ City)
• Similar assignment already handled
• Minimum no. of Qualified CA

(c)   Professional Fees (INR)

(d)   Assignment Type :
• Public
• Private just for registered users
• Private just for specific users
• Featured

(B) Search & Compare CA Firms

Service Buyer can search & Compare CA Firms on various parameters such as :
• Empanelment
• Worldwide affiliation
• Head Office & Branches
• No. of Human Resource & Qualified CA
• Firm's experience in service offering,
• Firm's experience in industry,
• Experience of partners & directors,
• Clients Profile

(C) Participate in Discussion Forum

Service buyer can participate in discussion forum and raise any audit, accounting, income tax, VAT, Service Tax, Customs & Excise related queries which will be reponded by CA firms registered on our website.

(D) Knowledge enhancement

White Papers are published on TopCAfirms which are contributed by various CA firms, Jobseekers, Article Trainee & Other experts